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    Topvico Tuya WiFi Peephole Camera - Online Manual

    Topvico Tuya WiFi Peephole Camera - Online Manual

    Q: How to connect WiFi?

    A: - Download "Smart Life" or "Tuya Smart" APP
    - Register APP account
    - Make sure the GPS / Location open in your smartphone,
    make sure your wifi not hidden
    - Connect camera with Android charger, better 5V 2A
    - Wait a few seconds, camera will with voice notice, also the light in bottom of camera will with blue light flashing fast, camera is ready for WiFi connect
    - Open APP, tap "+" in top of right, "Add Device", choose "Surveillance & Video Security", then "Smart Camera (Wi-Fi)"
    - Select "Make sure the indicator is flashing quickly or a prompt tone is heard", "Next"
    - Input your WIFI name and password, tap "Next"
    - Show the QR code from 15 to 20cm to the camera, if heard voice notice from camrea, tap "I Heard a Prompt"
    - Wait the WiFi Connect
    - If connect failed, disconnect the charger to camera, wait a moment, then repeat again

    Q: Why smartphone APP can not get notification?

    A: -Please make sure the APP keep working and not been closed, only it is working, smartphonecan get notification
    - Please open all the permission for the APP in your smartphone, let it notification even screen locked
    - Please open your "battery" setup, "battery usage", find the APP, close "power consumption alert", click "APP launch", close "Manage automatically", open "Auto-launch" and "Run in background"


    A: rtsp://ip:554/ch0_0.264, username is admin, not with password, leave it blank
    If above RTSP not work, please below one:
    rtsp://ip:8554/stream0, username is admin, not with password, leave it blank

    Q: Can not connect wifi or the wifi connect not stable?

    A: - If you have previously connected your hub to a WiFi network but now want to switch to a different WiFi router, it is important that you first remove the hub from the app.

    This is because when you connect the hub to a WiFi network, it becomes registered within the app. Therefore, if you try to connect it to a different WiFi network without first removing it from the old router, you will encounter difficulties.

    - If your wifi router with both 5g and 2.4g, can not connect wifi for the camera or the wifi connect not stable,
    please try to remove the device in app, then connect wifi again, and choose "Smart Camera(Dual Band)"
    How to setup motion sensor (PIR)? How to share device?

    Q: How to check the photos in cloud?

    Q: How to setup motion detection record?

    A: - Open motion sensor
    - Choose sensitivity

    - Record method setup

    - Choose "Event Recording"


    Q: How to setup continuous recording?

    - Choose "non - stop"

    Q: How to watch video record?

    A: - For video record, must install micro SD card (max 128GB).
    - Check video as below pictures.

    - Press and hold below place, drag it to check the video

    - Want hear voice of the video?

    Q: Why the camera offline sometime?

    A: - Please confirm the camera under the range of your wifi router
    - If the wifi router connect too many wifi devices, will make wifi connect not stable, please change another wifi, or remove some wifi devices
    - Please try to not hidden your wifi router
    - Please confirm this camera allowed to connect with your wifi router

    Q: Why is the camera image blurry?

    A: Perhaps the lens needs to be focused as follows:
    1, Insert something into hole 1 and rotate to loosen.
    2, Use your hand to rotate circle 2 and check the image.
    3, When the image is clear, rotate and fix hole 1.

    Q: How to install or remove the back cover of camera?
    A : To install or remove the back cover, kindly ensure that you rotate only the back cover and avoid rotating the camera body. Doing so may result in potential damage to the WiFi antenna. 

    install the tuya wifi peephole camera

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    • Константин

      Как установить свой пароль на RTSP?!

      July 27, 2023
    • AHMED

      How to disable or remove or destroy internal speaker, its annoying while disconnected and connected to wifi says “Camera start”

      July 06, 2023
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