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Topvico Peephole Video Doorbell TP-117CP - Online Manual

Topvico Peephole Video Doorbell TP-117CP - Online Manual

TP-117CP Peephole Video Doorbell

Dear buyer, when you get the doorbell, please send us message in Aliexpress, let us know your firmware version in the menu, 
also, please take photo for the back of monitor (not cover the cable connector of monitor),

we will check the best firmware for you, some old version suggest upgrade, it is very important, thanks for your support.


Q: How to setup motion sensor?

A: - Setup in the menu "PIR"

- Highest sensitivity is "Real Time", if you choose "Real Time", will have a notice, please choose "confirm"

- If you need faster record, please install micro sd card, and choose "video record" mode, it is less delay.

- Also when doorbell in low battery level, motion sensor will with delay, please charge in time


Q: Sometime need press many times to turn on the screen?

A: It is battery with low level, charge it will work well again,

when battery level less than 30%, voltage will less 3.6V, so need press more time to rise up the voltage, then screen wake up.


Q: Why the battery finish quickly?

A: The new battery with inaccurate battery display, the first 2 or 3 times charge, maybe can not charge 100% full, then it is better.


Q: The date of doorbell not correct? Or some functions not correct?

A: Please try to "restore factory setting" in the menu.


Q: Menu can not come out? Or screen keep auto turn on then turn off?

A: Maybe it is the micro sd card full, please format it or delete some photos or video.


Q: Why the camera image is white or flicker?

A: Please connect the cable again, make sure camera and monitor connect correct, otherwise the camera not work, even damage the camera.


Q: Why the screen auto turn on when charge battery?

A: - Maybe it is one of the firmware problems, you can close the PIR motion sensor in menu, turn on again after charge finished.

- Or you can contact us for newest firmware upgrade.

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  • Topvico

    Réponse à Mohamed Belhadj///

    S’il vous plaît envoyer un e-mail à, nous allons essayer de vous envoyer l’application.

    July 06, 2023
  • Mohamed Belhadj
    Mohamed Belhadj

    Bonjour cher . j’ai essayé de télécharger l’application wecsee sur play store mais l’application ne figure pas sur la liste pour pouvoir l’installer et fonctionner ma caméra.Donc il n’y a plus de moyen d’utiliser ma caméra sans application.merci de m’aider j’ai deux cameras

    July 06, 2023
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