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Topvico Power Failure Alarm TP-103N - Online Manual

Topvico Power Failure Alarm TP-103N - Online Manual

TP-103N Power Failure Alarm


-Applicable Voltage: 100V-220V

-Install 1 Uint 9 Voltage Battery (Recommend alkaline battery/Not included)

-Turn on the switch, the alarm will remember the power supply status when the switch is turned on, and when the power supply status changed, it will trigger an alarm.


Alarm Methods:

Step 1: sound alarm 2 minutes (Power Failure Alarm with light flashing).

Step 2: start a loop: 2 minutes pause, then 3 seconds alarm sound (save power, light keep flashing)


As long as the power supply status changes, will trigger alarm, not miss the alarm (for example, power failure, will trigger power failure alarm, when power back, will change to power on alarm directly)


How to stop the alarm?

-Please turn off the alarm switch.


For Example:

When the power supply is normal, you turn on the alarm switch, it is on Power Failure Alarm Mode. If there is a sudden power failure, an alarm will be triggered.

If the power is restored before the alarm switch turned off, the restored alarm will be triggered, as long as the power supply status changed, it will automatically alarm.

You can distinguish whether it is a Power restored Alarm or a Power failure alarm through the different alarm methods introduced in the previous article.


Pay attention:

If you turn on the alarm switch before plug to the socket, the alarm sensor Default on Power Restored Alarm Mode.


How to open battery cover?

- Insert parts of your finger (nail) to the gap as below photo, the cover will rise a little, then pull out the cover

How to open battery cover of Topvico Power Failure Alarm Sensor
1 comment on Topvico Power Failure Alarm TP-103N - Online Manual
  • Sergey Lebedev
    Sergey Lebedev

    Hi there, just got this power failure alarm.
    Would you please tell me what happens if it goes off when I’m not home: will it go on and on and on for days until the neigbours call the cops to bring down my door and switch it off?
    Thank you
    Sergey Lebedev

    December 02, 2023
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